Posted by: Meena Gujral | May 20, 2010

Mission San Jose Fremont homes for sale

Meena's new listing in Mission San Jose

If you have not signed up to receive a free list of homes for sale in Mission San Jose Fremont, you can do that here: List of Homes for Sale.

As of today, May 19, 2010 there are forty nine SFR homes for sale in the Mission San Jose Fremont area and one townhouse on the market. The price range is from $659,900- 2,595,000 and the built square footage is 1092-4144.

As per the Bay East Association of Realtors, Days on Market (DOM) for the Fremont area year-to-date is around 49. The median detached home price in Fremont for April was $607,500. As of the last day of April there were 325 active homes in Fremont. At current selling rates this means there is approximately 2 months of inventory in Fremont remaining.

Date Active Pending Sold Months Supply
9-Apr 304 153 78 3.1
9-May 267 161 114 2.2
9-Jun 276 138 106 2
9-Jul 266 147 128 1.8
9-Aug 224 153 101 1.5
9-Sep 210 143 124 1.4
9-Oct 206 111 123 1.5
9-Nov 199 119 92 1.5
9-Dec 186 78 102 1.6
10-Jan 200 119 63 1.9
10-Feb 230 124 76 2.1
10-Mar 309 155 117 2.6

As per the information obtained from Zillow, home values in the San Francisco area have stabilized significantly in the past year, marking what may be a bottom, according to the report. Home values in this market have risen significantly for the past 10 months, following lows set in April or May 2009.

22% of all sales in the first quarter of 2010 were foreclosures and distressed properties. Foreclosures reached a new peak in March, with more than one out of every 1,000 U.S. homes entering into foreclosure during the month.

It appears that since the federal tax credit ended on April 30, it will remove some urgency from the market, but is not likely to affect the current market trends too much as low prices and low mortgage rates continue to attract buyers and investors. The median price gain of 20.8 percent in March year-to-year was the largest in more than five years. In California, home resale activity increased 2.5 percent in March 2010.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Mission San Jose Fremont or need to sell your home in Fremont or the East Bay, please call Meena Gujral at 925-425-9491 or go to :

Fremont Homes Site

Fremont Homes Blog


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