Posted by: Meena Gujral | February 1, 2009

Should I get an inspection done when the house looks good and is only 5 years old in Fremont?

Newer Home

Buyers must get an inspection on any home they purchase. Go through all the disclosures provided by the sellers since only the seller knows where the leaks or other problems are (or were), but buyers also need to take the time to inspect and understand the house for themselves.

The buyer should give the responsibility of inspecting a house to a home inspector. Inspectors understand homes and know what does and doesn’t constitute a genuine problem that a buyer should be concerned about.

Buyers should be prepared to put on their coveralls and follow the inspector around — on the roof, in the attic, under the house — everywhere their physical abilities will allow them to go.  They should ask questions, learn about how it works, make sure they understand what’s broken and what it’s going to take to fix it.

After the inspection report is received, buyers may be able to negotiate with the seller to get any corrective work done on the property or receive a credit from the seller. In the case where the property is Bank Owned, that may not always be possible, but ask your agent to present your request to the seller or the bank anyway.


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