Posted by: Meena Gujral | November 19, 2008

Should I engage a real estate agent to represent me if I am looking at REO properties in Fremont?



couple with agt sold sign

You should be engaging a realtor to help you no matter what kind of property you are planning to buy. REO properties are also listed with agents who are representing the bank in this case instead of a “normal seller”.


You need someone to represent you, to be able to negotiate your offer, justify the price and tell you all the good and bad, pros cons about the house, neighborhood, Fremont schools compared to the Mission San Jose and Ardenwood schools and location. Your transaction would be just like any other except that the Bank may have some additional paperwork needed and that is all the more reason for you to have an agent who can explain all this to you.


They also expect an “as is” deal but so do other sellers. That basically means if you get inspections done and there is a lot of work needed, and the seller (or Bank) does not want to fix it or credit you back for it, you can back out of the deal and get your deposit money back.


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Homes sold by Meena in Fremont, CA


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