Posted by: Meena Gujral | June 27, 2008

Overcrowding in Gomes?

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When the school is overcrowded, the district has the right to send your kid into another school until your turn comes in the waiting list. You will have to call the school district to find out the assigned one for Gomes.

I had a home listed on Sueno Way in the development on the corner of Paseo Padre and Driscoll. Because of the discussion of rezoning at Gomes school, it took a very long time to sell the house. The school would not say for sure what was going to happen and the buyers did not want to take the risk of buying into Gomes and later find out it was not part of Mission schools.

Thankfully we found a buyer who did not care about the school since they did not have school age children. If Gomes is the school you are buying the home for, please make sure you get the answer from that school so that you are not disappointed later. You should go to their meetings in which they have been discussing the rezoning.

On the other hand this had also happened at Weibel school a few years ago, so it could happen anywhere in any school district at any time when there is overcrowding.

Here is a clip I found on youtube about the Mission San Jose High School. I have put it on my Fremont blog, here is the link:

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