Posted by: Meena Gujral | March 12, 2008

Mission San Jose Fremont- Is this the right city for you?

Hi, I am Meena Gujral from Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty in Fremont, California. I specialize in helping sellers and buyers in the East Bay. 

Overall, Fremont is a good city to live in. It depends on what you are really looking for . Do you have children and if so, schools must be important to you?

In that case the best schools are in the Mission San Jose school District. However, there are very few homes on the market in that area and they are sold in a few days of being on the market. People buy a home there when their children start elementary schools and sell when theri kids are done with high school. I recently had two listings in that area which were listed because their kids were out of high school.

Even if the schools are not important to you, Mission San Jose area makes it a great investment property since the homes/condos/townhouses are easy to rent and the tenants stay for quite a few years to get their children through some major school years

Another good neighborhood is Ardenwood that has very good schools and is a good community close to 880 freeway and Dumbarton bridge.

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 Meena Gujral


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